Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can Bilingual Employees Replace a Translation Service?

There are many international companies that hire staff with skills in multiple languages. The need to communicate and carry out business in different countries where the language varies is increasingly important. Now some companies might ask their bilingual staff to also work on translation tasks. This can be a good idea for the occasional text, but as an ongoing responsibility it may not workout in anyone’s favour.

Lack of translation experience

The fact that someone is fluent in more than one language doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to properly translate between those languages. Translation is a skill that most be practiced and improved, before being used in a professional environment. This is even more important when dealing with legal documents or other highly sensitive texts that need to be 100% accurate in meaning.

Their main responsibility

Every employee is hired for a specific role and has a certain set of responsibilities they must meet. Adding translation work to their regular duties can have a detrimental effect on their performance and productivity. Adding unnecessary pressure to an individual won’t be good for the entire company. So unless they were specifically hired for translation work, you need to keep their main purpose in mind.

Not their speciality

A professional translator will typical have a few years of studying and experience in the field before they become a fully qualified translator. Someone who hasn’t gone through this training is likely to produce low quality translations.  

A better solution

The best solution to translation needs is to hire a specialist translator for that specific purpose. For many smaller companies hiring an in-house translator can be too costly. You can still get the benefits of a professional, by using a translation service provider.

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