Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Translate Your Business Card

Many businesses operate on an international scale. This means travelling across the world and having meetings in different countries. The humble business card is still a very valuable tool in making new connections when you meet people at business functions. But what if you are in country where they speak a foreign language?

Translating your business card is a smart decision, and will help improve your networking efforts no matter where you are in the world. There are a few important guidelines to keep in mind when having your business card translated.

Using a professional translator is always recommended. This isn’t the kind of job you should let a friend or colleague complete, unless of course they are an expert in translation. There are many well established translation services with experience in business card translation.

Your business card should be short and simple. Cut down on costs and avoid confusion by removing any unneeded information. The main details you need are your name, title, company and contact details.

Make sure your title has been translated accurately. Some titles can be overly complicated which will cause problems when translating. Keep it simple, so the receiver knows exactly what you do.

There is no need to translate your address. While this will make it easier for the reader to pronounce, it will leave the postman baffled and you won’t receive anything that is posted to you.

Design your business card to be printed on just one side, as many people like to write additional details and reminders on the back of the business card. Though if you need to convey more information, then feel free to use both sides.

Follow these tips so you can make the best impression and form long lasting business relationships. 

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