Thursday, August 1, 2013

Role of a Specialized Translator in the Translation Industry

At the start of their career a translator will often work on a range of jobs from translating personal to business documents. Documents of a technical nature will need not just a high level of linguistic understanding, but also a through knowledge of that particular industry.

There are many different types of specialist translation services. For example some translators may focus on medical, legal or some other technical field. Having a deeper knowledge and experience in a subject will result in a greater level of quality in the translation and a much better service overall.
Specialization should be accompanied by a passion for the subject area. As the translator will need to learn a lot of the details in that topic it will only help them if they have a keen interest to continue learning and expanding their knowledge.

Deciding to specialize in a specific field is not a particularly difficult decision. But which particular field to choose can be quite tricky. Thinking about strengths and weaknesses is a good starting point. The passion for the subject needs to be balanced against the business need and demand for that particular type of translation.

A specialised translator will also have the benefit of a greater earnings potential. As more experience is gained there might also be the possibility of further specialising into a more focused topic. There is a growing demand for such skills as businesses and organizations need to expand into new marketplaces.

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